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Artcycle is inspired from the concept of upcycle, wherein paints and brushes are used to recreate objects into alluring pieces of artwork. We ideate, design, and implement personalised hand painted gifts for you to make your loved ones feel a little extra special. The idea of artcycling planters, pottery, frames, bottles, mini furniture etc helps with our underlying vision of promoting sustainable gifting.

The Artcycle Process

Understanding Requirements

Design Ideation

Art Implementation

Finishing and Packaging

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About Me

Art and painting have been my interest since childhood but I would have never imagined taking them up if it were not for the lockdown. Having inclination towards emergent technology, I saw myself going forward in that field but as they say, life has its own plans for you. What started as painting bottles for gifting to a friend, turned into an everyday interest and slowly into passion. 

Nidhi Goel

Founder, Artcycle

Upcycling the surroundings with colours!

Beach vs Mountains

"Received the planters. Everyone at home loves them. Absolutely gorgeous they look."
Swati Singh

Photo Illustration

"My friend loved your creations! She was amazed by how beautifully you had reproduced it on the pot without any difference."
Nikhil Hemrajani

Abstract Patch

"Can’t believe it's hand painted!! You’re so goooood! I’m the most excited & happy kid today."
Ridhi Diwan

Buzzing Bees

“It is beautiful. Can’t believe it's handpainted. Superb job done."
Nikhil Hemrajani

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